Keep your heart and mind open.
Find family in everyone.
Live for the good of all people.
Have a constant outstretched hand.
Love without conditions.
Listen to the heart, yours and others.
Honor our Creator and Her creation.
Think through stereotypes.
Give more than you take.
Be never a doormat.
Be always a stepping stone.
Seek the truth in every situation.
Stand up for those who can’t or won’t.
Teach the value of conservation
and stewardship.
Defend nature.
Respect the Earth….

Leave the past behind.
Learn from your mistakes.
Admit when you’re wrong.
Take responsibility for your actions.
Keep your word.
Speak the truth.
Do your best….
Pay attention…….
Enjoy the journey of life, revel in its beauty.
Look to the future with hope and faith.
Believe in your dreams.
Resist temptation.
Place a high value on your health
-Your body is a temple.
Stand up,
If your pushed down or you fall, Stand Up!

– Adam Steele